Six on Saturday 30/03/19

I had not got round to publishing this week but for the sake of the record I want to save it to capture the lovely things in the garden at the beginning of April.

1. Hally Jollivette Cherry

Covered in a pale pink snowstorm of blossom. It is still quite small (year 3 since planting) and looks as if its been battling the wind, leaning a bit. But it survives and for 2-3 weeks a year is a picture and lifts my heart.

Photo 30-03-2019, 08 40 52

2. Euphorbia robbinaea with the neighbours borrowed forsythia

A classic spring combination, quite dramatic. I would never grow a forsythia – nasty harsh yellow, 25  weeks of brown twigs and 25 weeks of boring green blobbiness. However I’m happy to borrow in March.

Photo 30-03-2019, 08 41 16

3. Juicy yellow daffodils in the front garden.

They grow so well in this scruffy, poor soil. So easy and so rewarding just as we are beginning to ache for some colour and brightness.

Photo 30-03-2019, 08 41 48

4. Orange Emperor tulips.

Really perennial and a great colour. Every year I forget about them and am amazed when they pop up and last at least 3 weeks.

Photo 30-03-2019, 13 32 09

5. Amelanchier Lamarkii or June berry.

A really pretty and hardy small tree. Reminds me of Auntie Eileen’s cottage garden on the edge of Ditchling Common.

Photo 30-03-2019, 13 33 03

6. Magnolia stellata

A few flowers just to prove it does bloom if a bit sporadically and onesidedly. I was thinking of taking it out but it has proved itself worthy with just these few pristine wavy stars.

Photo 30-03-2019, 13 33 33

6.a Narcissus pheasants eye.

I had to have a photo of these lovelies as well.

Photo 30-03-2019, 13 34 37



3 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 30/03/19

  1. All so pretty, I can almost smell spring in your garden – especially those pheasants eyes, definitely worthy of inclusion. I love the idea of borrowing from your neighbour, what a great way of enhancing your patch with the best of things but not living with the boring bits. The euphorbia is the perfect foil for that bright yellow. Enjoy the beauty of it all!


      1. Well, I think all lovely posts deserve a comment and your spring flowers are so pretty. Six on Saturday is brilliant but I’m rarely organised enough to have a post ready for it, also I’m a born waffler so I like the freedom to ramble on about all sorts of other daft things. I’m delighted that you enjoy the escapism! 🙂


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