SOS 2nd November

Colours of Autumn

On Monday morning we had the first frost which blackened the dahlias. Thank goodness I had taken all the pelargoniums to their winter quarters at the weekend. I took these photos in the week when there was some sunshine however today we have endless rain and high winds. Another note of gloom is that 2 black hens are no more because the darned fox caught one of them who had decided she would sleep outside on Saturday night. I now have one black hen and two reds. I bought her a couple of friends to replace her sister but she doesn’t like them much at the moment.



Any way back to the colours of Autumn to cheer us up.

1. Orange

Our neighbours pyracantha berries coming over the fence.


2. Yellow

The dogwood with crab apples in the background.


3. Yellow and red

Witch hazel


4. Pink and pale green

Sedums and variegated dogwood


5. Red and silver

Skimmia with some honesty seed heads




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3 thoughts on “SOS 2nd November

    1. Thank you. Unfortunately it’s an occupational hazard of being a chicken. I managed to keep them safe for over two years but it was bound to happen one day 😒

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