SOS 5th October 2019

The damp, chilly, smokey, misty feel of Autumn was in the air this morning. But the garden is not looking bad and is still full of colour so reasons to be cheerful, Part 3.

1. Callicarpa bodinieri profusion having its moment.

Extraordinary purple berries after spending the year as a plain, dull green shrub. I love it with the holly behind and the ferns in the foreground.



2. Sedum herbstfreude

This row lining the path originated from one division from my grandparents garden in Haywards Heath. I love the grey green rosettes in spring and the brown dead flowerheads in winter as well.



3. Cyclamen hederafolia – a little autumnal jewel which justs pops up out of nowhere.



4. Erigeron

Very pleased that these daisies have established themselves in the front garden. They are rapidly making their way down our road, spreading a bit further each year.



5. Dahlia

This was a late, reduced purchase at the garden center this year. It’s a bit weird looking and definitely not coming in the house as a cut flower but quite striking at a distance.



6. Crab apple (golden hornet)

The apples look gorgeous against a pure blue October sky. Unfortunately this photo does not do it justice.


Pop over to the Propagator’s site to see more gardens from around the world in their October colours.


3 thoughts on “SOS 5th October 2019

    1. Thank you. I never used to like them but now I see the positives. Easy to propagate, disease free, strong, impactful, long flowering. What’s not to like!


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