SOS 24th August 2019

Due to unforeseen circumstances I have been without the means to join in SOS for a few weeks but I am glad I have managed to squeeze one in for August. The garden is beginning to slow down and relax in the late summer sun (a bit like me). It has been harder to find things to show this weekend but here goes.

  1. Hydrangea paniculata. I love the creamy green colour touched with pink and the generous flowering of this type of hydrangea. It looks good for a long time.



  1. Japanese anemone. Lovely pure white flowers with golden stamens on strong stems that can take any amount of blustery weather.



  1. Choisya. I was happy to see this flowering again and so were the insects. Not sure what this is – too big to be a wasp.


  1. Stipa. Another plant looking good at this time of year especially when the sun shines through it. You can’t tell from the photo but it is tall maybe 8 feet so it’s quite impressive.



5. Edge of the vegetable patch with marigolds and courgette leaves. I only managed to grow one courgette plant to maturity this year which is quite pathetic. However the green beans are as prolific as usual.



  1. Finally a dark dahlia. Near perfection I think.


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One thought on “SOS 24th August 2019

  1. I love that lazy late summer feel to your garden, especially in the shifting light. Japanese anenomes are one of my favourites, so graceful, and the colour of that dahlia is delicious. You might only have one courgette plant but it looks to be a corker! 🙂


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