SOS 1st June 2019

After the cooler cloudy last few days it really feels like summer today.

1. June Roses

First up we have Rosa Darcy Bussell who is always first to the party and flowers her socks off despite the poor, dry location she finds herself in. A lovely rose and woman.


2. Cornus Kousa

This is the Chinese dogwood. I have always admired them in gardens I have visited. There are particularly beautiful ones at Borde Hill in Haywards Heath. It has taken at least 10 years for mine to flower but I think the white bracts are so special. If it was easy and quick I’m sure we would not value it so much.



3. Dutch Iris

A random variety I bought in the supermarket last autumn. I was excited when I saw the burgundy colour last week. I think it looks quite unusual in front of the geranium orion which are flowering like mad now.


4. A self-seeded poppy

It’s always interesting to see what colour the flowers will be so I leave poppies to grow and then remove it if it clashes or I don’t like it. This has had a reprieve because it has white blotches in the centre which is unusual for me.



5. Geraniums

Beautiful, self-seeded, blue geraniums growing through the cracks in the paving and up through the table and chair. Planting and staking for the lazy person.



6. New potatoes

Just noticed they have started flowering – they’ll soon be ready for eating. Yay!!


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6 thoughts on “SOS 1st June 2019

  1. Great Six. The Chinese dogwood is impressive. You’re more patient than I am. I’m not sure if I could wait that long for something to flower. It was worth the wait though.


  2. I wish Geraniums could find a happy medium between not seeding around at all and going for world domination. I have three out and out thugs and lots that have never produced any progeny.


  3. I’m w/you on the beauty of that dogwood. Really breathtaking. I laughed out loud at your geraniums growing through the chair. They look great & you’re too busy in the garden to sit down anyway, right? Those irises are a fantastic colour.


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