Six on Saturday 27th April 2019

Back to “normal “ English weather for April. A bit of sun, a bit of rain, a lot of breeze. I think it must be better for the garden and countryside. Its certainly better for the chicken. One of the pair is particularly prone to going broody when the temperature rises. Lo and behold last week she started sitting on the other chicken’s egg, not laying eggs herself, refusing to come out and eat and getting very cross when I force her to. Fortunately today she seems to have forgotten the procreative drive and is back to normal, scratching around the garden and demanding corn.

1. Young “Beauty of Bath” apple tree.

I planted this last year and am pleased to see it’s got blossom. I am hoping it is the apple variety that was in my god mother’s garden years ago. I will only know when I taste it. I have 2 mature apple trees; a bramley and an eater but they have very little blossom this spring due to the winter pruning I think.

Photo 26-04-2019, 16 02 35

2. Birdbath

Surrounded by apricot fox tulips and wallflowers planted in the Autumn. I am pleased with the harmonious colours.

Photo 26-04-2019, 16 03 42

4. Old Kanzan cherry tree

It was here before us and I would have never chosen but I am very fond of it now reliably flowering every spring. I like it against the steely grey sky.

Photo 26-04-2019, 16 03 49

4. Euphorbia amygdaloides

An attractive evergreen plant that thrives and spreads in the difficult to plant area by the drive, in the shade beneath a holly. Spring is its time to shine in combination with the neighbour’s forsythia which has finished flowering now. For a short couple of weeks it looked spectacular.

Photo 27-04-2019, 10 50 18

5. Self seeded honesty

Makes a big impact with no effort from me. I love it.

Photo 27-04-2019, 10 51 59

6. Pony with braids in the field at the end of our garden. How cute is she?

Photo 26-04-2019, 16 21 14

To see more six on Saturday gardens please go to Thanks to the Propagator for running the show.


8 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 27th April 2019

  1. How lovely! The tulips and wallflowers look great together. I grew Apricot tulips this year but wasn’t that impressed with the colour. The horse is an unexpected and unusual 6 🙂

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