Six on 23rd March

A still, cloudy day in mid Sussex but its warmish and the birds are singing and the chickens are chattering.

1.  Hoop petticoat Daffodils or Narcissus Bulbocodium

This is a lovely, dainty daffodil shaped like a crinoline hoop petticoat. It comes from south west Europe and I imagine it growing in the Pyrenees mountains in the wild, mysterious area between Spain and France. It has been in this pot for several years and after it flowers, I just neglect it and hide it away till next year.


2. A pot of jetfire daffodils and some primroses

Jetfire is one of my favourites. The primroses are from Sarah Raven and were supposed to be in various pastel shades but they all seem to be pale orangey apricot. Actually, I think I prefer them like this.



3. Ice follies in the gloom



4. Prunus Kusar (Collingwood Ingram)

I was on the look-out for this small dark pink flowered cherry for some time.  I love the delicate flowers and so did this bee. This was selected and is named after Captain Collingwood Ingram, an Englishman, who introduced ornamental cherries from China and Japan to western gardeners in the twentieth century. He also reintroduced the great white cherry (Taihaku) back to Japan which he spotted in a Sussex garden in 1923. It had disappeared from Japan in the 17th century. The romance of it all!


5. Catkins on a purple leaved contorted hazel

Pretty pink lamb’s tails.



6. Snakeshead frittilaria

What a name! But a lovely flower given time to establish. After 10 years I have several decent clumps.



If you would like to see some more gardens and plants go and have a look at



5 thoughts on “Six on 23rd March

  1. Oh I love those hoop petticoat daffodils! I’ve never seen those before…..I’m not a big daffodil fan but could be swayed with those! Love the photobombing crow!! Haha

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  2. I was admiring hoop petticoat daffs at the Alpine Show at Rosemoor today and at the early spring show there last week and you assume they’re a bit tricky and prima-donna-ish and you’re saying they’re easy. My mind is made up, they’re on the shopping list for the autumn for definite.

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