Six on Saturday 16/02/2019

I have been in Thailand for a couple of weeks enjoying the sun, warmth and lush colours of the plants so I had to include some photos.

  1. Cannonball tree

Never heard of this before, a native of south America and related to the Brazil nut tree. Revered by Buddhists and planted near temples. A tall solid looking tree with girly pink flowers and extraordinary round hard wood like fruit (the cannon balls).

  1. Orchid farm just outside Bangkok

Somewhere in the canal and river network far away from the streets and traffic of Bangkok there is this little haven.

  1. Koi Samui airport

This is the prettiest airport I have ever been to! The grounds are more like a botanical garden than human transit station. There is even a lotus pool.


  1. Pruned apple tree

The tree surgeon sorted out the apple this week. It was beginning to take over when in leaf. I love its clean strong shape now.


  1. Snowdrops in their full glory


  1. Witch hazel

My favourite shrub illuminated against the blue sky yesterday. Unfortunately, it is grey today but spring is on its way.


If you would like to see some more peoples’ places and plants go to the Propagator’s site via this link the Propagator


8 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 16/02/2019

  1. It always feels great to have the fruit trees pruned! Your apple is beautiful.You must be pleased with all those snowdrops along your path. Those probably made coming home from Thailand not too shabby.


  2. I can’t believe that cannonball tree! What a show stopper that is! Wouldn’t be grand if all airports had a garden area like that one! The gardeners would never leave! Beautiful post!


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